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Tyrone Hayes


Tyrone B. Hayes

Department of Integrative Biology, Molecular Toxicology, Group in Endocrinology,

Museum of Vertebrate Zoology, Energy and Resources Group,

University of California at Berkeley

Berkeley, California 94720-3140

(510)643-1054 (off.), (510)643-6264 (fax)

tyrone@berkeley.edu or atrazinelovers@yahoo.com

Personal History


Fellowships, Awards, and Honors

Research Experience and Employment

Other Activities

1995-       Review Panel, National Science Foundation

1995-99   Lecturer, Biosphere 2, Columbia University (Oracle AZ, Campus)

1991-       Lecturer, University of California, Berkeley, CA

1990-       Alumni Interviewer, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

1996-00 Grant reviewer for Sloan Foundation

1997-02 National Science Foundation Review Panel (Integrative Animal Biology)

2003-   National Science Foundation Review Panel (REU, UMEB)

2003-   Environmental Media Services (EMS)-The Environmental Health Sciences Support Network   

2003    EPA/FIFRA Scientific Advisory Panel on atrazine (presenter)

2004-   Collaborative on Health and the Environment (Board)

2007-   Toyota Land Cruiser Advisory Board

Reviewer For

Papers (Peer-reviewed)        

Curriculum Vitae

1. What is Atrazine?

2. Environmental Contamination

3. Ecological Impacts

4. Endocrine Disruption

5. Neural Damage

6. Pregnancy Loss

7. Reproductive Cancers

8. Endangered Species

9. Risks and Benefits