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Jasmine Tea Vs. Chamomile Tea

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According to global statistics, tea is the second most popular drink after water. These statistics reveal that the top beverage worldwide is not beer or coffee, it is tea, and a cup of tea gives a perfect start of the day. However, when stocking up your tea, one of the essential considerations is the kind of tea to get. Let us explore into jasmine and green tea since both of them are popular and widely used. Here is an exclusive look at the differences between jasmine tea vs. chamomile tea.

1. Chamomile Tea Is Tisane; Jasmine Is A Real Tea

If you are a die-hard fan of tea, you will notice the considerable difference between tisanes and teas. This difference is essential as it indicates two distinct types of health benefits and brewing methods. The fact that chamomile tea is a tisane or herbal tea means that it is not made of tea leaves. Chamomile tea is made of dried flowers of the chamomile. That grows both in controlled environments and in the wild. You can easily make your own chamomile tea if you have your own chamomile dried flowers.

On the other hand, jasmine tea is made by the blending of a base tea with the memorable fragrances of jasmine flower. Tea leaves are layered with fresh jasmine blooms in the afternoon, allowing the tea to absorb the jasmine aroma as they release their sweet fragrances. Though flavored with jasmine flowers, the base tea used for making jasmine tea is a real tea made of tea leaves. Jasmine tea can be made from any tea obtained from the Camellia sinensis plant with the jasmine blended green tea as the most common version.

2. Jasmine Tea Is A More of An Eastern Drink; Chamomile Is More Western

When you consider the origin of jasmine tea vs. chamomile tea, jasmine tea is probably more ancient than chamomile tea. Jasmine also has a more detailed and richer history as compared to chamomile tea. Based on research from liquidimageco,  as a more popular beverage in China, jasmine tea is believed to have existed since the fifteen centuries during the rule of the Shang Dynasty. This shows that jasmine is an old type of drink dominant in the eastern countries, especially in China, that is highly treasured. 

In contrast, chamomile tea originates from the western parts of the world, Europe, to be specific. It all began as a medicinal drink used as herbal medicine together with other healing plants variety. There are no apparent records of its use with the flowers used for preparation scattered widely across Europe. Their traces are also found in the US as the plant quickly grows anywhere. Chamomile tea emerged in different parts of Europe, particularly the Roman and Greek empires, as people started to note its benefits the tea is widely used mainly in the western rural areas with most of the people there believing in it.

3. Chamomile Tea Has A Relaxing and Calming Effect; Jasmine Tea Is More for Energy

When we talked about the benefits. As stated above, chamomile tea does not contain caffeine. This makes it useful in giving a relaxing and calming effect, which is helpful for a good sleep. Additionally, chamomile tea is used for cleaning and quickening the healing process of a small wound on a person’s skin. However, you will need to ensure it is free from sugar before you put it in the cut. When used in high concentrations, chamomile tea is effective in staining white linen to a cream color.

When it comes to jasmine tea, it is entirely opposite. Its common base tea is green tea, black tea, or oolong tea that makes it more for energy, for getting things done, for concentration, and for keeping alert. This is because the base tea contains caffeine, which attracts more people for its long-lasting effects. The caffeine in the tea also contributes to the burning of excess calories and weight loss when used along with a proper diet. If you want to replace your coffee caffeine with tea caffeine, you should opt for jasmine tea instead of chamomile tea.

4. Jasmine Tea Is Any Kind; Chamomile Tea Is Only Chamomile

Chamomile tea comes in one form made from dried chamomile flowers. However, when it comes to jasmine tea, it comes in different forms depending on the type of the base tea used. The tea can be made from any tea that is got from the Camellia sinensis plant. Though green tea is the typical jasmine base tea, it is not the only version. Jasmine tea is also be prepared using oolong tea, black tea, and even white tea. Jasmine flowers serve to give an extra flowery and subtle taste to its different kinds of tea.

5. Jasmine Tea Is Not Recommended for Babies; Chamomile Tea Is Safe

If you have a young kid or small child, it is vital to take note of this keenly. Both jasmine and chamomile tea should not be given to babies less than six months old, as it might risk upsetting their immune system. However, for children about the age of two years and above, it is not recommendable to give them jasmine tea. One of the primary reasons for that is because of the caffeine content contained in the base tea. More so, jasmine tea might upset the kid’s stomach if taken on an empty stomach, and most kids do not like eating much.

As for chamomile tea, it is safe to give your small babies and young children freely. The tea is important in helping to calm down the kids or get him or her to sleep. The taste is also more appealing to the children as compared to that of jasmine tea, particularly if you add some honey or some strawberries to add scent and flavor. However, the tea should be given in small amounts and dilute form. 


Whichever the kind of tea you have got, I hope you are happy with it. Always remember that both jasmine and green tea have a distinct place in the world, and they do different roles. Drinking jasmine tea throughout the day will keep you energized, and drinking chamomile tea before bed will ease your mind for better sleep. You can choose between the two types of tea according to your taste preferences and needs. Both are popular tea blends that give a beautiful sensory experience to their lovers.

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