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How to Get Rid of Herbicide from Your Food

Almost every media outlet these days is preaching the need for people to adopt a vegan lifestyle.

Indeed, the dangers that eating meat and their products predisposes people to are innumerable. In this respect, diseases such as cancer, obesity, resistant worms, and many others that are attributable to meat eating are common in any locality.

But are aware of the newest killer in our kitchens that many would never think of? It is the vegetables and fruits that you and your loved ones are consuming.

You’ve heard of Glyphosate and its effects. It is deadly than what eating meat would expose you to. You might think that this is an old nanny tale meant to trash eating of healthy vegetables and instead continue with the unhealthy meat consumption. But it is the bitter truth that you have to accept.

The veggies that you eat might kill way faster than eating meat could have. Everything sounds wrong now, right? You are probably now asking yourself how does one escape from all this confusion about what to eat and what to avoid? Of cardinal importance is to understand first what the impact of consuming food that is contaminated by herbicides such as Glyphosate is.

Impact of herbicides in food

The most impactful herbicide to human health is Glyphosate, which is common in commercial sprays such as Roundup. The herbicide has a prolonged residue effect, and this makes it difficult to expel from the soil and the crops after spraying. Some of the common impacts to human health include:

  • It makes one highly susceptible to attack by various allergens
  • The herbicide also suppresses the immune system rendering one prone to attack by most common infections.
  • The herbicide also leads to autism
  • Cases have been reported of Glyphosate causing congenital disabilities in situations where the mother consumes a lot of contaminated vegetables.

HerbicideThe list of the negative implications of the herbicides is almost endless. This calls for a corrective action to be undertaken as quickly as possible; otherwise, many people will continue to suffer from the consumption of unhealthy vegetables. The following are some of the ways that can help you steer clear from the herbicides present in the many crops that people eat:

  1. Quit eating foods that are sprayed with herbicides

This is undoubtedly the primary way of avoiding consumption of the harmful toxins that are present in herbicides. Many manufacturers of the crop herbicides conduct tests on their products to ensure that they carry no health hazard to the consumers.

However, most of these manufacturers are never exhaustive in their analyses. Otherwise, the massive amounts of pesticides in food would be absent. The only safe way of staying healthy is to avoid consuming crops that have been sprayed with herbicides. Most countries have a law that mandates all sellers of fruits and vegetables to attach tags indicating the kind of pesticides that were used on the crops.

Among the kind of foods that you need to countercheck on their safety before consumption include maize, wheat, edible beans, and many other types of cereal that have been sprayed with herbicides during their growth. This doesn’t mean that all grains, fruits, and vegetables are potential health hazards. The healthy ones carry a Glyphosate free label to indicate that they were organically grown without the use of herbicides.

  1. Beware food stored using desiccants

You’ve come across fruits such as grapes and almonds as well as cereals such as rice being stored in desiccants to increase their shelf life. One of the ingredients found in the desiccants is Glyphosate, which is also one of the major herbicides. When fruits are stored under the desiccant media, there is a high likelihood of coming into contact with the chemical.

Once you consume such fruits even after washing them thoroughly, you directly ingest herbicides into your body. The results can be lethal if the chemicals pile up. You, therefore, need to avoid this contact. Instead of eating fruits that have been packed together with preservatives, source them directly from the farm. Also, ensure that they were grown organically.

  1. Avoid meat products

It sounds a misplaced idea that avoiding meat products can help you get rid of herbicides from your diet. However, it is in order given that many times, people are unaware of the kind of feeds that the slaughtered animals consumed. Many times, farmers use genetically modified crops to feed the animals. There is a high probability of the crops being sprayed with herbicides.

When the animals consume the plants, the toxins from the herbicides are retained in their bodies. Consumption of meat from such animals directly introduces the harmful chemicals to your body rendering it prone to the development of ailments such as cancer.

Herbicide vegs

  1. Eat more probiotic foods

As much as you may try to avoid eating food contaminated with pesticides, it is almost impossible to keep off from consuming them unknowingly. Therefore, there’s a need to remove the accumulated Glyphosate from the body as its build-up weakens the system. Doing this is pretty easy. Your favorite fermented foods such as yogurt and apple cider vinegar are known probiotics that help to detoxify the accumulated herbicides such as Glyphosate from the body.

Most herbicides have an antibiotic property, and thus, the consumption of fermented products leads to a neutralizing effect of the harmful toxins in the body. Therefore, take yogurt or the probiotic product that is easily accessible to you often and your health in regard to eliminating toxins will improve.

  1. Consume manganese supplements

Manganese is a known chelating agent that binds to the surface of ligands such as those contained in herbicides. When you take manganese containing supplements, the metal ion combines with the Glyphosate in herbicides to form a metal complex that can be easily excreted from the body. This makes manganese a great detoxifier that can aid in minimizing the levels of the harmful chemicals in the body.

In a nutshell, the significance of the foods that you commonly consume in impacting your health cannot be overstated. What goes in your mouth determines your overall health. On this note, the consumption of vegetables is healthy for your health.

However, you need to be conscious of where the vegetables, fruits, cereals, and many other plant products that you consume are sourced. Avoid foods that are sprayed with herbicides and any other chemicals. The crops may not harm you instantly, but with time, the effects will pile up and eventually have a toll on your health. Therefore, countercheck on what you eat.

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